Thursday, June 19, 2008

Lazzaroni Bittersweet Chocolate with Amaretti di Saronno Crumbles Bar

During my last trip to Claro's Market I came across this bar.
To be honest I had never had Lazzaroni chocolates- I have had the Amaretti di Saronno and they are DIE for. If you have never had them go and find yourself a box. They are great on their own, crushed as a crust, dunked in coffee, over ice cream... I like them can you tell?

So before I write myself into an amaretti stupor maybe we should talk about the bar.

The bar is a hefty 3.17 ozs and even through the bright red wrapping you can feel the shape of the molded bar. Unwrapped, the chocolate is dark and glossy and has an almost coffee like-aroma. Reading the companies website I found that there is good reason- there is actually Arabica coffee pieces in the bar.

So how did it taste?
Pretty darn good!
First, I don't know what percent the cocoa content is the bar appears quite dark. However, it has a rather surprisingly creamy melt and a sweetness not normal for a dark chocolate. It reminded me of a high end Toll House morsel. The coffee's bitter edge keeps the sweetness in check and also set's off the Amaretti pieces. I LOVED the crunch the Amaretti gave to the bar. In fact my only complaint with the bar is that I wish the Amaretti pieces were bigger!

I don't care how yo do it just get yourself one of these bars!!

Claro's Italian Market

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Jim's Chocolate Mission said...

im so gonna try and get hold of one of these! Ive never seen Amaretti used in a bar before!