Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lindt Creation 70% Cherry & Chili

The shout out for this review goes out to Sugerhog.Net
Last month she reviewed the Lindt Creation Cherry & Chili bar and I had to try one for myself.

The bar is made up of 70% dark chocolate that sandwiches a layer of a mousse type filling and a cherry/chili jelly. The chocolate it's self is bitter and acidic. It is also on the chalky side. I could deal with the bitterness. I am a fan of dark chocolate but all three aspects together and it is just not pleasant.

The bars saving grace however is the cherry chili jelly. That stuff is out of this world! It's sour without being overly bitter and there is the tiniest bit of heat from the chili. Please someone do an ice cream with this jelly as the swirl! I am not out right admitting that I separated the chocolate slabs and licked out the jelly... but it could have happened.

If they had done this bar with say a deep milk chocolate in place of the dark chocolate it could have been an outstanding bar. As is it is worth tasting for the Jelly alone.

Now how do I get me some of that jelly...
Albertsons Supermarket

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