Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Kinder bueno

I have to give thanks to Jim over at Jim's Chocolate Mission for inspiring me to want to try these.
Jim has reviewed both the regular Kinder bueno and the Kinder bueno White and he made the hazelnut filling sound like something that sound definitely not be missed. So when I saw the bar at my Italian grocery today I had to pick it up.

The bueno is made up of two fingers that are about the size of a slightly wider Twix bar. Bonus point's to Kinder for having the fingers individually wrapped inside the foil. The fingers are made up of 4 squat segments of lightly chocolate coated goodness. As far as I could tell it was a milk chocolate- the label on my bar being entirely in Polish didn't exactly help me a lot. Hiding inside of the extremely sweet chocolate is crispy wafer shell that surrounds a dollop of hazelnut creme. I don't know if my bar was just really fresh but I have got to say that the wafer was perfect. It was still crispy enough to break with a satisfying crunch on first bite.
Jim was dead on with the hazelnut filling! Seriously that filling is so good that personally I think it rivals the hazelnut used in the companies Nutella.
I wish I could just get a hold of the hazelnut on it's own!!

The bar as a whole has it's merits- I am not normally a fan of wafers, but if they are always as crisp as the ones in this bar (rather then the chewy, limp, stale wafers one tends to find in candy) I could learn to love them. The chocolate coating was too sweet for my taste but, on a occasion I don't mind. The clear star here is the hazelnut creme.

Claro's Italian Market


GS said...

I think that the company thatproduces Kinder is the same that produces Nutella.

Oh btw it's the first time I comment here, I've been reading your blog for a while and is awesome!

Jim's Chocolate Mission said...

Hi GiGi thanks for the shout out in the review..im glad you did enjoy these after all since yor purchase was based on my recommendation :) :) PHEW!!!!

The hazelnut creme is so so so divine in the Bueno...epecially if you chill it first in the fidge...it just gets that little bit thicker!

Well thank for the shout out again. I hope I can continue to provide you with some more good recommendations!

Jim :D :D

Gigi said...

You are correct, Kinder and Nutella are both made by Ferrero. I wonder how different the hazelnut creme from Kinder is from the hazelnut in the Nutella? May have to do a side by side compression on that...

Thank you so much for reading I do try to keep things interesting!

You are always welcome! I am always checking your site so any chance I get to plug you I do.

I have one finger left that I have now got chilling in my freezer. It is currently 101 degree's in my area of Southern California so I am looking forward to a cool treat tonight.