Monday, June 9, 2008

Trader Joes Matcha Green Tea Yogurt

I love green tea!
I love yogurt!
So why didn't I love green tea yogurt?

The color was appealing. The smell was good. The texture was a little thin but I could over look that. No, I think it was because the best way to describe the flavor would be to tell you that it is like eating spinach yogurt. Yes, you read that right- spinach.

And I mean spinach yogurt in the worst possible sense. Imagine you took a brick of frozen spinach, defrosted it, squeezed the "juice" that comes out of said brick of spinach into some thin, lowfat yogurt. THEN you pureed some of the spinach into the yogurty sludge. Well that is what I feel like I have eaten.

Since TJ's has so few misses this one saddens me but certainly won't keep me from continuing to try more of their products.

Trader Joe's

1 comment:

Jim's Chocolate Mission said...

I love yogurt...

Im not a big fan of Green tea...

Im even less of a fan of Spinach....

Trader Joe's what happened?