Sunday, June 8, 2008

5-Hour Energy Shot

Kids, sometimes I do crazy things in order to bring you a good review... and sometimes I do crazy things just for the hell of it.
I want to tell you that I drank the 5-Hour energy shot simply to review it for you. But no. I drank it because I worked a really weird schedule this weekend and my insomnia is back in full force. Out of desperation before a daunting dinner shift that otherwise my butt would have been dragging on I picked up said 5-Hour Energy.

The ad's that seem to be on every 3 minutes promises instant energy with no jitters and no crash. It also promises to taste great.

I want to meet the person who said it tasted great. Great compared to what? Old tuna?, Pre-chewed gum?. Alright, that's a little unfair of me. It's not that it tastes bad. It's just that the best way of describing the flavor is to say that it's like a Red Bull for people who thought Red Bull was too sweet. That probably says it all. If not- it's really bitter!

Did it work?
Why yes it did! And it did work within minutes. All of a sudden I had more energy then I knew what to do with. I wasn't jittery per say, but I COULD NOT stay still- which my coworkers found funny. In fairness to 5-Hour Energy I had drank it with minimal food and in my old age I have less and less tolerance to caffeine. In fact, I drank the shot at 3:15 PM and come 3:00 AM I was still ready to go- but I felt awake and alert not wired or cloudy headed. As promised there was no crash and when I woke up the next day there were no lingering effects.

Because of my weenie-like response to caffeine I personally couldn't make this a regular part of my daily grind- but I would have no problem using it again if I needed a fast shot of energy (and not sleeping over the course of the next 16 hours were not an issue!)

Jay's Shell Station Monrovia, Ca


Jim's Chocolate Mission said...

god this would play havoc with my body....a cup of coffee is enough to make me go tingly and bursting with energy...i could probably run a few marathons on this stuff...then collapse in a bed for a few days :S :S


Whats an update on the 'crash' situation?It chaught up with you yet?

Gigi said...

I wish coffee were enough. I think my Quad Latte days killed that!

No crash after effects at all... Well unless you want to count my co-workers teasing about talking a mile a minute that day (not sure when or IF I am going to live that down!)