Saturday, June 14, 2008

Meiji Meltyblend Framboise

I loved the Green Tea Meltyblends. I was trying to restock my supply today and while the Ranch 99 Market sadly did not have the Green Tea in stock they did have the Framboise (Raspberry)
So, I ignored it and just wanted to pout about not getting the Green Tea Meltyblends.

NO, of course I didn't do that! I bought the box.
Just like with the Green Tea Meltyblends, the candy themselves are about the size of sugarcubes. There is a dusty looking cocoa outer layer. The first few second all that you taste is the cocoa while the cube melts in a cool, silky river.

Then the raspberry kicks in. I have ot say I was impressed by how viberant the raspberry flavor was. It reminded me of eating a really high quality jam. The raspberry managed to stay tasting natural and didn't have that biter, artificial taste that some raspberry flavored candies have.

I know there are a few more Meltyblend flavors out there and I have liked the Green Tea and the Raspberry so much I am going ot try and get a hold of the others.

Ranch 99 Supermarket

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