Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Diet Rite Cherry Cola

I love cherry cola's but I am also an old geezer who can't tolerate caffeine after seven P.M. if I want to sleep that night.
On top of that I try to drink more diet soda then regular soda- because I LOOOOOVE me my soda and let's face it, who needs to waste empty calories on soda when I can use them for ice cream!

Now sadly there just don't seem to be many diet, caffeine free cherry soda's out there. I was pleasantly surprised to see the Diet Rite Cherry Cola. The Diet Rite family of soda's all boast zero calories, carbs, caffeine and sodium.

But how do they taste?
In the case of the Cherry Cola the answer is not good. Think cherry cough syrup in generic "cola" and add to that the strong after taste of artificial sweetener- which I had a hard time figuring out because it uses Splenda and Splenda as a rule doesn't have that funky after taste.

This was really disappointing.
Albertsons Supermarket

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