Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Jones Soda Strawberry Manilow

In honor of Barry Manilow's 65 Birthday I am reviewing Jones Soda Strawberry Manilow drink
I have actually been holding on to this drink because I wanted to tie it to Barry's birthday.

As a life long Manilow fan ANYTHING Barry is pretty much fanFREAKINGtastic but this is the first food related item I have tried.

Strawberry Manilow is a mix of dairy and fruit flavor. Like you would have (or should have) guessed from the name it is primarily strawberry flavored but it also has Blackberry & Raspberry. I tend to not be the biggest fan of strawberry flavoring on the planet but in this case the strawberry is mellowed out by the other berries. I think it is actually the blackberry that comes through the strongest. The first flavors are all the sweetness of the strawberry but then it rounds out to the tartness of the blackberry and the last notes are the syrupy sweetness of the raspberry.

The drink does have both skim milk and cream which gives it both a rather pastel mid-80's color cheesiness to it and a smooth texture the juice would not have on it's own. It made me think of a thinner version of an Orange Julius-type drink. It's not something I would drink every time I cranked up my overwhelmingly large Manilow collection but it was tasty- and it is sweetened with pure cane sugar!

Thanks to the good folk's over at Jones for giving us Fanilow's something to sip while shedding a tear for Lola and Tony. After making it through the rain and even now for making us smile... and if you got all those song references you have a chance of being a bigger geek then me!


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Jim's Chocolate Mission said...

La la la la la Lola....

This sound yummy but its a no go for me :( :( contains the dreaded srawberry!! Access denied