Friday, June 6, 2008

Mountain Dew Voltage

Ask not what Dewmocracy can do for you but what you can do for Dewmocracy!

Dewmocracy is of course the name of the new campaign Mountain Dew has launched to choose it's next flavor. The three flavors that are out; Voltage, Supernova and and Revolution were designed by Dew drinkers- although I couldn't tell you who they were or how the final three were selected. And that one of the flavors- voted on by visitors to the web site will go on to be an official Mountain Dew flavor. Oh, and while you are at the site if you REALLY like any of the three flavors or have entirely too much free time to kill between Star Trek reruns in your Mom's basement, you can even visit message boards dedicated to each of the flavors (flame wars included!)

I have all three in my fridge but I decided to start with Voltage because it's a spiffy purply blue color. And as I have said many times- there is just not enough blue food!.

The label says that this is a Raspberry Citrus flavor with Ginseng (and of course an ass load of caffeine!). It reminded me of a liquid version of a raspberry SweeTart only much, much sweeter. The citrus side of things can only be found in the slightly acidic after taste. Interestingly enough according to Wikipedia one of Ginsengs many uses is as an aphrodisiac. This leads me to wonder if that was really not the smartest thing they could have added. Since Mountain Dew is a Nerd diet staple do we really want to make horny hyper nerds even more horny and hyper? maybe some lavender would have been a better option. Anyway back to the flavor... It was too sweet for me at first but it does grow on you... and then you start to crave it and your heart thumps from the caffeine and then suddenly you find yourself visiting 7-11 in the middle of the night for a fix... what was that only me?

For another opinion check out Marvo's review of all three flavors over at The Impulse Buy

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Jim's Chocolate Mission said...

Supernova would be a bit of a no go for allergic to both strawberry and melon... I dont think the results would be pretty :D :D

Jim :D

Gigi said...

It's funny that is the one I am looking the least forward to. I tend to not like strawberry flavored soda's. But the reviews must go on...

Are you allergic to all melons Jim?

Jim's Chocolate Mission said...

I dont know I used to eat it by the bucket load then one day lips literally swelled to like 3 times the size! Was pretty scary to be now I just stay well away!


Brad said...

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