Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Trader Joes's Greek Style Yogurt- Honey

I am thinking if the Honey Nut Cheerios Bee got a hold of some of this he would have a new breakfast staple.
I am also thinking "Did I just date myself by mentioning the Honey Nut Cheerios Bee?" do they even still use him in the ad's?

Possibly retired cereal spokesbee's aside. Trader Joe's Greek Style yogurt is definitely strong on the honey flavor. While there is no visible trace of the honey it is the dominate flavor. The honey is strong (very strong) with floral notes and it makes the yogurt very sweet.
The texture is that great, smooth, cool sour cream-like texture that I love in Greek yogurt. What I miss with this particular flavor is the tanginess that Greek Yogurt has. There is none to be found here. Since this is the first of the TJ's Greek yogurt I have tried I am unsure if they're version is always like this or if the intense sweetness of the honey does away with it.

If you are a fan of honey, you would love this yogurt. For me the honey was over powering but I like the yogurt it's self enough to want to keep trying other flavors.

Trader Joe's


Jim's Chocolate Mission said...

Yummo that sounds divine. Trader Joe's never fails! Just out of curiosity how many calories in that guessing not many! I love the variety in the things you awesome!


Gigi said...

You flatter me way too much Jim- truth is I am hell to go shopping with because everything I buy is "for a review"!

If my memory is serving me the yogurt was 120 calories. Something else that I liked about it was the smaller serving size. It was only 5.3 oz's rather then the average U.S. serving of 6 oz's per serving.

Stobin said...

i just had the full fat version of TJ's greek style honey yogurt, which I bought it by accident. (I swear.) it's 8 oz, and a whopping 15g of saturated fat and 300 calorie. yikes! although that was for the whole 8 oz. container. regardless, it was off the hook. It did lack that yogurt tartness, but i was so wrapped up in the decadence of the honey and creaminess of it all, i didn't mind.