Monday, June 9, 2008

Skinny Cow Mint With Fudge Ice Cream Cone

If happy cows really do come from California count me in!
I wasn't sure what to expect from these cones. I didn't have the highest of hopes because let's be honest, most low fat ice cream sucks. I was really surprised by how good these cones were!

The mint was crisp and clean with just the right amount of sweetness. There was no medicinal after taste. The fudge ripples were only on the top and reminded me of Hershey's syrup- not a bad thing as I like Hershey's syrup on ice cream.
The cone was crispy and fresh- and lined in chocolate!

The ice cream is on the airy side and while there is a cool mouth feel it is of course not the same creamy, rich feel you would get from a full fat ice cream.
All in all this was a good cone and has made me want to moove (I could not resist) onto more of the Skinny Cow offerings.

Albertsons Supermarket

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Jim's Chocolate Mission said...

We have skinny Cow over here in the UK you can probably guess with my line of work I have had to have it at one point.

I tried a pure choc mint ice cream stick and though it was too light for my liking. I know the positioning of the product is for dieters but I just thought it was so un-fufiling it wouldnt really help a person on a diet...merely just whett their appetite for wasnt bad tasting I guess.