Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fresh & Easy Milk Chocolate Bar

Today I made my first visit to a Fresh & Easy store.
Fresh & Easy is a part of the UK based Tesco chain for those of us on this side of the pond from what I could tell from the Tesco website they look to be like Wal*Marts wet dream. Seriously, go to that site and check out everything they do. Maybe Jim From Jim's Chocolate Mission could chime in and tell us what the average Tesco is like.

Anyway, let's talk about the chocolate for now. Before I taste it I have to say that at a mere $.33 for 1.55 oz's it was a pretty great deal. The ingredients are straight forward enough: sugar, cocoa butter, milk, chocolate liquor, soy lecithin, salt and vanilla.

Upon opening the wrapper the thin bar is divided up much like a Hershey bar. The chocolate is a very light looking milk chocolate. The smell is sweet but pleasant. You can really smell the vanilla and the cocoa. On smell alone I thought it was going to be a good bar. The melt is very smooth and creamy.
Unfortunately this is where the praise ends. It's just too sweet. And I know I have said this a lot lately but it is also oil. For $.33 decent. For chocolate in general not so great. Of course if you stocked up on these at Halloween you could make a whole bunch of new friends with the kids in your neighborhood (kids don't care if it's too sweet!)

Fresh & Easy


Jim's Chocolate Mission said...

Hi GiGi - Tesco is the biggest supermarket chain over here and the UK and its just simply renowned for being a mid range store in regards to pricing and product quality...by that I means its prices are pretty middle ground and the brands they stock are the most common ones here in the UK.

Their Own brand goods...like the one you have reviewed here arent really held in that high regard to be honest...no organic or 'fresh' positioning at all here in the UK!

Hope this helps!!!


Louise said...

Ive tried the fresh and easy milt chocolate as well as the dark..the one that comes in bars..and i must say its the best chocolate i have evenr tasted...i was ever so surprised as i thought milka was the best...