Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Coffee-Mate Italian Series Italian Sweet Creme Ltm Edition

Non-dairy coffee goodness!
I like my coffee two ways- either strong and black or light and sweet. More often then not my choice for coffee at home is light and sweet because I can stay in and deal with having dairy creamer.

It was a happy discovery to find this Coffee-Mate, not only is it non-dairy but it taste pretty good!. I am not sure to be honest what makes it Italian sweet creme but it is indeed sweet- I didn't feel the need to add any extra Splenda to my cup and it is very creamy (cremey?).

Albertsons Supermarket

An excellent product for the lactose intolerant- and for everyone else.


Jim's Chocolate Mission said...

oooh no this does not look like something I would like! Every morning I have to start with a freshly brewed black filter coffee...its my first port of call on the faily commute into work!

Its quite sad really I dont even have to exchange words with the woman at the coffee counter anymore...she knows I want a regular black Americano...a simple handing over of 65p...a 'thank you and have a nice day'...and im on my way :D


Gigi said...

For my Starbucks fix I prefer black.

At home though I tend to like to load it up with cream and Splenda (yes, sugar is better but too much and then I can't have any candy!) HM... Maybe I am just buying crappy home coffee!