Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Breyers Oreo Sandwiches

Back on May 16'th we morned the passing of one of my favorite ice cream treats the Klondike With Oreo Ice Cream Cookie

Reader Amanda let us know that she had seen Oreo ice cream sandwiches under a different brand. Today this Breyer's version turned up at my local store.

The Breyer's version (which like Klondike is a Unilever brand, so they have kept things in the family) is a smaller cookie sandwich and features low fat vanilla ice cream rather then the Oreo ice cream that the Klondike version had.

Size wise the Breyer's version is smaller overall then the Klondike version had been. Actually, I preferred the Oreo cookies on this version to the Klondike. They are smaller but thicker and they had more of a true Oreo flavor- this is saying something because I LOVED the cookies on the Klondike as well.
So the cookie is a hit but how is the ice cream?. Well... it's cold. It's not that it tastes bad- it just doesn't taste like anything. The texture is smooth but there is no real mouth feel to it. Other then, well cold.

Even without using Oreo ice cream if this had just had a good quality vanilla (could using real vanilla possibly have been that hard?- I know Breyers make a decent vanilla in the normal line) I would go as far to say that because the cookies themselves are so good this version could have been outstanding. It would have actually have BETTER then the Klondike.

As it is I am tempted to scrap out the bad ice cream and "refill" the cookies with good vanilla or just crumple the cookies into good ice cream.

Albertsons Supermarket


Jim's Chocolate Mission said...

These look like they should be so good...like frozen cakesters (just with the ice cream in the middle) ...looks like a bit of a missed oppertunity here to be honest. Are the cookie parts a bit like brownies? Such a shame the ice cream sucks...maybe you should do as you say...scoop it out and replace with B&J's cookie dough ice cream :D


Amanda said...

I feel a little bit like a hero...if only they tasted better!

Anonymous said...

The good news is that these are 180 calories each, which is fairly low for a satisfying ice cream treat. I completely agree that these things are all about the cookie, and the ice cream itself is actually and figuratively "filler". That said, they are still very satisfying for those of us who want a very tasty ice cream sandwich but not a 300-400 calorie gut bomb.