Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dreyer's Slow Churned Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Bar

Cookies & Cream on a stick?!
Sign me up!
Well it sounded good. The outside of the bar is coated in chocolate that has cookie bits enbedded into it. Well, let's be honest it's embedded with things that look like cookie bits. In reality they are little brown nuggets of chocolate flavored oil. The coating which according to the ingredient list is actually made with chocolate tastes like mocklate... bad mocklate.

I would like to tell you that if you make it through the coating you will be rewarded, but much like the ending on a Pauly Shore movie about the best thing you can say is that at least it's over. I like Dreyer's cookies & cream in the Grand line so I was actually surprised when the Churned version turned out to be awful. Again it's oily. In fact that is the only thing you can taste. I don't get how this fell so far short.

Albertsons Supermarket


Justin said...

LOL! Loved the comment comparing these to a Pauly Shore movie :). These used (and probably still) contain an artificial sweetner called Maltitol which I'm unfortunately sensitive to.

They probably have a warning about excess consumption on the box.

Jim's Chocolate Mission said...

Blimey these sound you probably stick the Ben & Jerrys on the ice cream front ;) .... can I request a review on he B&J's Wich please :D


Gigi said...

Justin: -taking a bow- thank you I will be here all week! Please tip the bartenders and your server!!.

A quick check of the back of my box revealed that the bars do indeed still contain the maltitol. There is also the warning about excess comsumption- although I can't imagine that it has ever been an issue with these bars!

Jim: I would LOVE to review the Wich! saw them on the UK Ben & Jerry's site. Sadly, there is no information to be found about it on the US site and I have yet to see one anywhere here. I tried calling the Scoop Shop by me but they don't carry them and didn't know who would. Any suggestions on how I might get a hold of one?