Monday, June 16, 2008

Mountain Dew Revolution- Limited Edition

Round 2 of the Dewmocracy challenge!
Revolution is another of the three Dew Drinker designed flavors.

Revolution is a Wild Berry flavor with added Ginseng. This reminded more of a Raspberry Lemonade then Wild Berry- maybe my taste buds are going in my old age- or maybe it's because at work I drink a potentially hazardous amount of Raspberry lemonade. I don't get the Wild Berry at all... Although raspberry is after all a berry. Maybe this is supposed to be like the Joe Francis version of raspberry? and with no age of consent issues!

Much like Voltage, personally I found it to be super sweet. And while I did suck down the bottle at about double the rate that I went through the Voltage I can't see myself buying this on a regular basis. Yes, once again let us remember I am an old chick who can't handle her caffeine and for my day to day soda consumption I stick to diet. So far this is winning my vote but we still have 1 more flavor to go!

Jay's Shell Station Monrovia, Ca

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