Monday, June 4, 2007

Ben & Jerry's Dublin Mudslide

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Erin go Blaach!

Let's just cut to the chase and say right off the top that this is vile and if you want something Irish cream flavored go right to the Haagan Daz Bailey's Irish Cream flavor.

But how vile was it you ask?
While not as bad as anything involving Spam it was still pretty horrible.

The base flavor is supposed to be Irish cream. Yeah, if you have ever had knock off cheap "I Can't Believe It's Not Bailey's" it tastes like that only cheaper and crapier.
If that wasn't awful enough once you get through the faux-alcohol aftertaste then there is the "cookies" to deal with. You know those generic 99 cent "chocolate" sandwich cookie you can get at just about every mega mart in the world?. The ones made with entirely too much oil and carob instead of cocoa?. Those were the cookies they used. So not only do you have the strong fake alcohol to deal with but couple that with an overwhelming coconuty type oil taste.

The only good part about this ice cream was the java fudge swirl. It's a nice deep rich chocolate with just a hint of coffee. If only they could have matched the quality of the ice cream to the quality of the swirl.

I am just going to leave this one by saying those damn hippies owe me big.

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madcache said...

hey! we wanted black&tan; they buried it: dublin mudslide was disappointing; we add a splash of marsala and soy sauce.