Monday, June 4, 2007

Bubble Yum- Hershey's Chocolate Gum

WAAAAAY back in the day when I was but a scrappy young lass still living in Boston my favorite bubble gum to chew and get stuck to things was a chocolate flavored gum. I can't recall the brand anymore (but Hubba Bubba seems to stick to my mind) but many a happy hour was passed attempting to blow a bubble bigger then my head.

Upon moving out west much to my dismay I never found chocolate gum again. And I looked!- I drove my family crazy (and anyone else who would listen) with my whining for that gum. But after awhile it became clear that I had as much chance of finding my beloved gum as I did of having a snowball fight, in Phoenix, in July. I got over it but I never forgot how much I had liked it.

Well guess what I found at Publix today!
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Of course I bought it.
As best I could tell it tasted just like I remembered- which is to say exactly like a chocolate Twizzler. If you have never had a chocolate Twizzler the best way to explain that flavor is to tell you to imagine that it was a chocolate flavor designed by a person who had never actually eaten chocolate. It has more of an "essence" of chocolate rather then a true rich milky taste. The flavor is pretty short lived. The strongest parts fade off after about 10 minutes with the weaker flavors dying off after about five.

I next to never chew bubble gum (or any gum for that matter) now. Maybe I got an older pack because it was very tough and rubbery. It was so dense I couldn't get a bubble going. I remember Bubble Yum gum being soft and reasonably thin.

As an adult I have to admit that I am not sure what the six year old version of me thought was so great. It's not bad, but I have had better things in my mouth.
A nice walk down memory lane but I think I will keep the rest of my chocolate gum memories hung up next to my Ferris Bueller poster.

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