Sunday, June 3, 2007

Dannon Fit and Light Cherry Vanilla Yogurt

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I am always trying to keep the sugar down and I love yogurt so I was excited to see I could try this.

I got the Cherry Vanilla. It was pretty good!. Not to sweet on the vanilla side and not too tart on the cherry. There are nice little bites of cherry premixed through out. And maybe I am just so used to it that I didn't detect it, but I also noticed so artificial sweetener aftertaste.

The only thing that I didn't really like is the texture/thickness. If you like a nice thick yogurt (like I do) you re going to be disappointed. It's smooth and not the least bit grainy which is good. But the thickness is more like one of those yogurt drinks (Danimals anyone?) or a really thick smoothie (I HATE smoothies so this is not a selling point for me). If you like yogurt dip for fruit this would be perfect straight from the container.

For 60 calories for 6 ounces and no fat you can't really complain (but that didn't stop me!) and I have to admit I got over the thickness enough to eat a couple more containers over the weekend. It's not Yoplait custard style but it makes a decent snack.

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