Sunday, June 3, 2007

Mayan Chocolate Haagen Daz

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Haagen-Dazs has come up with THE best chocolate ice cream EVER

Mayan Chocolate is a rich semi-sweet chocolate ice cream with a thick gooey cinnamon/fudge swirl. Heaven in a pint.
It's creamy, spicy and chocolaty.

Swirl technology has come along way. I remember when fudge swirls was a thinnish hard chunk type thing, the swirls of modern ice cream manage to be smooth and gooey. That may actually be the best invention of the 21'st century. Get some NOW!!!


rollingmoon said...

where can i buy it?!

Brandon Pfeiffer said...

i loved it too....but now it's gone - looks as though it might still be available in Canada - maybe i'll go there

Paul Klenk said...

Oh, man, Mayan Chocolate is a dream. Simply nothing like it.

I am satisfying myself at the moment with Limited Edition Dark Chocolate Mint... M+M+M

Gigi said...

I have been looking for the Dark Chocolate Mint where did you find yours?