Sunday, June 3, 2007

Jones Holiday Soda- Sugar Plum

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This soda is a cool light purple color- sorta like liquid Barney. Anyway...

The scent:
It's lightly banana scented. If any of you have been to Universal Studios and been on the tour and remember the part where you get to be face to face with King Kong and smell his banana scented breath it's just like that (they couldn't give me a decent raise after 3 years but they had enough money to make fake monkey breath smell AND 2 crappy Kevin Costner movies. But I am not bitter!).
If you haven't been to Universal then just imagine cheap fake banana aroma and you'll get the point.

The Taste:
Just like the Peppermint it is lightly carbonated which works well for this. The main flavor is kinda like grape Pedialyte ice pops (what?! I couldn't eat solids for two months after a surgery- you get desperate for flavor). Now mix that with banana.
The after taste is blissfully pleasant UNLIKE that disgusting peppermint. It reminded me of banana runts.

With all that in mind I have NO IDEA where they got "sugar plum" from banana and grape but none the less it was pretty good.

It IS realllllllly sweat though. I don't think I could drink a whole bottle- but I could see where kids would love this stuff.
Best yet!

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