Sunday, June 3, 2007

Hint Apple flavored water

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I saw some of the Hint Water line at Whole Foods today and decided to try the Apple Flavor.

I had never had apple flavored water before so I thought it would be different. When you open the bottle the first thing you notice is that it actually does smell like you had just bitten into a fresh apple- I figured this was a good sign. If it had smelled like kool aid or apple candy (or God forbid Apple Pucker) I probably would be regretting my choice of the water over SoBe pretty quickly.

Tasting it... This is gonna be a weird answer. The initial taste is just plain bad. It's not sweet, but not tart. It actually tastes exactly like if you had taken one of those cool apple peel spirals and eaten it all by it's self.
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Needless to say there is a reason why you don't see any apple peel flavored products. Now remember I said that it would be a weird answer- so I am not done yet!. Once you get past the nasty ass apple peel taste there is actually a very nice aftertaste. Once the bitter bite of the peel flavor wears off you are left with the taste of having just bitten into a perfectly sweet /tart apple.

In the end while the aftertaste is good it is just not worth having to deal with slugging down the actual water. I do want to give some of the other flavors a try though

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