Sunday, June 3, 2007

Joseph Schmidt Lemon Truffle Bar

Joseph Schimidt is best know for making beautiful truffles like these:
Image Hosted by But when I was at Whole Foods I saw he also makes small truffle bars.
Image Hosted by
I have a particular liking for the combo of dark chocolate and lemon so how could I resist picking one up?- yeah like there was even a question.

The bars are nicely molded and sectioned into 8 bite sized squares. The chocolate it's self tastes like a high quality Toll House morsel- I personally like that mellow mix of bitter and sweet, and it has a spicy finish.
The lemon is true lemon flavor, it best reminded me of a thin but not sticky lemon curd. The filling is so good that if they sold it as a stand alone product I am sure I could put it to good use.

Flavor-wise it's one of the best bars I have had since the Vosages Black Pearl bar.

BUT... and the is always a but. The bar's only down fall is the mouth feel- or lack of mouth feel to be specific. Part of what I love about chocolate is that rich, warm, creamy texture of the chocolate melting on your tongue as you savour the taste. This chocolate never seems to melt. It dissolves in plasticy lumps- eventually. Yes, you do get a good five minutes out of the square and it does taste great. But without the melt it is just anti-climatic. It's like finally letting that hot new boyfriend get to third base only to find out he has no idea what to do. Yeah, it was fun getting that far but your left feeling unfulfilled and waiting for a sensation that is never going to come (pun intended).

I have heard it said that bad chocolate is like bad sex- at least you can say you had it. I think that pretty much sums up the Schmidt bar.
It was pretty, it tasted good, but it was just a one night stand.