Sunday, June 3, 2007

Metro Mint Water

I heard about this a few months ago a few months ago but it takes a while for some products to reach those of us in the boonies so I haven't gotten to try it until today.

I like water, I like mint- I sometimes put fresh mint leaves in my water so I figure this should be pretty good right?. If you like drinking Scope it's great otherwise you are SOL. It has that strong fake mint flavor that makes your brain wait for the mouth wash/alcohol burn you get if you swallow by mistake. It never comes but that doesn't help any.

Needless to say I will not be buying more. Great idea just badly done.

It comes in Spearmint (the one I tried) and Peppermint. I got one of the peppermints too but that is in the fridge until tomorrow. I just couldn't bring myself try it after the Spearmint. But I will and when I do I shall report back.
If you just have to know more.

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