Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hershey's Cacao reserve 35% Bar

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Maybe I should be honest- I don't like Hershey's chocolate. The only exception to that would be the Symphony bars.
But seeing as I will try anything I have been wanting to try the Reserve Hershey's line. I was in the mood for milk chocolate so I picked up the 35% Milk bar.

If this is the reserve stash then I hate to think about what they are putting in the regular bars.

Taste wise it has only a slightly creamer edge to it then the normal Hershey bar. It was more or less what I was expecting.

The texture is less gritty then the normal bar which is a good thing but the mouth feel is what kills it.

How did they manage to nail a rich, creamy, velvety melt with the Symphony and yet the spiffy Reserve bar's mouth feel is oily, lumpy with an uneven melt. I have had cheap Wal*Mart no name mystery chocolate with better mouth feel then this.

Reserve your calories and chocolate cravings for something better then this.

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