Friday, December 28, 2007

Hershey Kisses with Toffee Crunch

How could an idea as good as Toffee Kisses turn out so badly?!
The first hint that something is wrong is the smell. Have you ever smelt one of those butterscotch Yankee Candles? well these smell a lot like that. Since candles tend to not to be high on my list of candy flavors this was not a point in the kisses flavor.

Taste wise. We're back to candles. Since the kisses are molded they seem to be a bit waxy. The normal sweetness of the chocolate coupled with the "toffee"- which seems more like lumps of sugar then a true toffee are multiplied. I felt like calling a dentist to make a confession that I had committed a sugary sin.

The only thing about them that I really liked was the addition of the non-perils for texture. But even that was done better in the Candy Cane Kisses.
Just skip these and get a Score or a Heath bar.


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