Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Tree Chocolate- Crave

Have people been CRAVING apricot chocolate bars?

Beyond my witty puns that is a question worth asking. It should be noted that I absolutely LOVE New Tree's Tranquility bar which is milk chocolate and lavender so I am pretty open to giving this flavor combo a shot.

I have to give New Tree props for packaging the chocolate in a sealed foil pouch. When you open the pouch not only is the chocolate fresh but it kept in the aroma. I happen to likely the subtle sweet smell of apricots.

The chocolate is portioned into squares just large enough to melt evenly on your tongue but not so small that you wonder that happened to the chocolate. New Tree makes a fantastic milk chocolate. Creamy and rich without being too sweet. As for the apricot there is no mistaking the flavor but it doesn't over power the chocolate. It actually leaves you hoping for more- in a good way. My only disappointment with the bar is that it is only apricot flavored and that there are no actual fruit pieces in the bar. It's a good bar already but the addition of bits of dried apricot would have pushed it to great.

I am making it one of my New Year's resolutions to eat a few of these in 2008!

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