Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes

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Larry The Cable Guys dream girl strikes again!

As much as I tend to not like Little Debbie snacks I have to admit to liking these.

Really they are so horrible they have gone past bad and come back to good.

The cakes are a white cake that is best described as grocery store birthday sheet cake... that sat out for a couple days. Sandwiched in between two thin layers of cake is a layer of frosting-type cream. It reminds me of an evil hybrid of cheap tub frosting and Cool Whip. The whole thing is enrobed in a thin wanna be fondant and if that wasn't enough sugar for you it is also liberally dotted with crystal sprinkles!

The whole thing is waaay to sweet- and I can't get enough of the damn things! honestly these are empty calories in they're purist form and I love them.

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