Monday, December 10, 2007

Ice Breakers Pacs- Mint

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Dude I was still just holding it!

Ok so I was able to find the Mint version of the Pacs.

Once the Listerine-type strip breaks down you get the same cold rush on your tongue that the orange ones gave. It still feels just as neat.

The flavor however is best described as telling you to go and get a bottle of Scope- go ahead, I'll wait............................

Ok assuming you now have your bottle of Scope firmly in hand- now chug it. That is what the Pacs taste like. It's just too much. The mint almost burns it is so strong. I will give it credit for the fact that once the flavor dies down the after taste is quite pleasant. If these were not so medicinal they would be fantastic. As is... well at least I will have the box to do something with.

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