Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Trader Joe,s Eggplant Parmesan In Fillo Dough

This is a day I thought would never come...
Some days things happen that shake you to the core. Things that make you question the sense of right and wrong in the universe. No, I am not only talking about how Rachel Ray manages to be so damn popular dispite her many culinay atrocities (how many hot dog "recipes" does one person need anyway?).

No, I am talking about the fact that Trader Joes has managed to not only let me down- but to gross me out as well. Tonight I made what I was hoping would be a lovely dinner of TJ's eggplant parm in fillo dough with a side of assorted roasted veggies. Well, at least the roasted veggies were good.

First things first. The eggplant it's self was both mushy and bitter. And it also managed to have no less then 1045838592 jillion seeds per bite. The "sauce" was more like thickened V8 juice- check that thickened wanna-be V8 juice- only it was less good then even that. The prodominate flavor oddly enough was not eggplant was the red peppers. Now, I like red peppers enough. I just didn't want an entire dish of them. I know the picture showed cheese but I will be damned if I found any in the entire package. I feel like I should say at least one nice thing... thinking... thinking... OH! I know! the fillo dough was actually pretty tasty, it is just too bad the filling wasn't.

I can safely say I won't be buying this again but it has inspired me to try making my own version.

Trader Joe's


InlandEmpireLiveMusic said...

Looks good on the box???

Jim's Chocolate Mission said...

Sounds like Trade Joe's let you down here Gi!! Just one problem!! WHERES THE MEAT in your meal!? Fillo pockets and roasted veggies??? :O :O you cant have a meal without meat!!

Gigi said...

I agree- it looks great on the box!- if only it tasted like it looked!

LOL I promise I LOOOOOVE red meat- but sometimes I like to do just veggies. I will make it up to you by having a really big steak tonight!

Payam said...

Nah, you're just being beyond picky.

it's delicious and tasty.

Gigi said...

Payam can have the rest of mine!

Now, seriously through Payam if you eat them on a regular basis is there any thing special that you do to them? does it sound like I might have just gotten a bad box?

Believe me I wanted to like these so if I am missing something let me know.