Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Chungs Shrimp Egg Rolls

Frozen egg rolls always seem to sound like a better idea then they really are.
I am especially picky when it comes to egg rolls in general. In terms of the skin I prefer the thicker, wonton like skin to the thinner, fried spring rollesque skin. I don't know why but most West Coast egg rolls seem to be the later (anyone have any insight into why?). I was happy to see that the Chung's Shrimp rolls had the skin I prefer.

The egg roll innards are very veggie filled. Carrot is the overwhelming flavor- but in the carrots defense they are fairly crisp and fresh tasting. There is also cabbage and a hot almost floral note that may or may not be ginger. I honestly couldn't tell.
As far as the shrimp, the photo on the box shows whole baby shrimp. And there were indeed one or two whole baby shrimp per roll. The majority of the shrimp seemed to be more like ground shrimp. The flavor was still there even if it was not exactly the way I was expecting it.

All things considered for a frozen egg rolls these are pretty decent. The veggies tasted fresh, the wrapper stays crispy and the shrimp is represented enough that you don't dig through the filling wondering where it is. I still prefer my local Chinese places egg rolls but for those late night cravings these hit the spot.

Albertsons Supermarket

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