Monday, September 29, 2008

Nestle Crunch Dark

I have said that Halloween is my favorite holiday right? I love the fact that pretty much every store right now has the cute little "fun size" bags of candy. And the fall/winter candies are being brought back out.
During one of my trips to Walgreens I spotted a bag of Nestles Crunch Dark. I normally don't pay much attention to Nestle products because the Milk Chocolate tends to be too sweet for my taste. Having never tried Nestles Dark Chocolate I snapped up a bag.

The bag is full of thick individual sized squares. I really liked the thickness of the squares. There is something statisfying about biting into that big chunk of chocolate.

Flavor-wise the dark chocolate reminded me exactly of a Nestles Toll House Morsel. As I happen to have a huge soft spot for Toll House Morsels I was happy. It's a semi-sweet rather then a bitter dark chocolate. It's cool on the tongue and melts quickly. The squares are packed with crispy rice bits. The rice adds some great texture and a malty quality to the after taste.

I may have to pick up another bag or two for the Trick-or-Treaters (yeah, I'll do it for the children!)

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