Monday, September 22, 2008

Starbucks Chocolate Dark Chocolate Mini Beans

Sometimes my love of Starbucks can't be indulged at the desired moment...
This candy has given me another non liquid option for those times when a whole chocolate coffee bean just won't work. Well, actually there is not a huge difference between this candy and a whole chocolate covered coffee bean.

The candy is dark chocolate molded into the shape of a little coffee bean. The chocolate is dull and kind of waxy. When it does start to melt in your mouth it is gritty- there are actual bits of broken coffee beans in the candy! While this provides excellent deep coffee flavor, I think it misses out on the best part of the chocolate covered coffee bean experience- and that would be crunching into the whole bean it's self. I also didn't like the fact that the little bits of coffee bean got stuck in my teeth. It is like eating chocolate grit.

The aroma is incredible- even before you open the tin (and we all know how I feel about cute tins) and the overall flavor is good. I just didn't care for the texture and this is not something you would want to snack on if you cared about walking around with black specks on your teeth.


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Jim's Chocolate Mission said...

These sound ok... but have your tried the Trader Joe's dark chocolate covered coffee beans!?? They are simply to die for!!