Monday, September 8, 2008

Snickers Rockin' Nut Road

I have been dying to try this bar since March when Cybele reviewed them for her site (check out her review HERE
I love the Snickers Dark and the Snickers Almond dark and I am a marshmallow freak (super freak). So I had a good feeling about this bar.

The bar is basically the dark chocolate almond bar with the addition of marshmallow flavored nougat rather then the standard nougat.

The first thing you notice is the smell. It's strong on the vanilla side. Taste wise the thing that stands out the most is the marshmallow nougat. It's sweet but not sickeningly so. It reminded me more of a more dense version of Marshmallow Fluff then say mini marshmallows (but mini marshmallows would have made for a great texture!). The almond pieces were large and crisp and just a little salty- which I love mixed with the caramel. The chocolate is s decent semi-sweet- the same used on the rest of the Snickers Dark versions. Not the most complex dark chocolate out there but it gets the job done.

All in all I really liked this bar. I may actually have to buy one of those Halloween bags... you know for the Trick or Treaters... yeah I'll do it for the children!



Jim's Chocolate Mission said...

ahh cool I got sent one of these bad boys just the other week! Im a big fan of Snickers but some of their recent latest editions have been prett poor!!

Have you tried the Snickers Charged!? Im just about to go look :) If I dont find it, would be great to get your take on it Gi!


Gigi said...

I have yet to try the Charged bar. I swore that I had one but looking through my stash I don't seem to find it... hm wonder if my brother has been over here raiding my pantry.

I will have to pick one up!
I can't wait to hear your take on this bar. Put down that wonderful Hotel Chocolat and try it!!

Jim's Chocolate Mission said...

im literally eating this bar as I type!! Yum this marshmallow tastes awesome! im genuinely impressed! Gonna write my review tomorrow so should be up in a week or so!! Yummy!!