Tuesday, September 2, 2008

M&M's Premiums- Mint Chocolate

I loved the Mocha premiums and one of my favorite Christmas candy is the mint M&M's
So, it would stand to reason that I would love the Premium Mint Chocolate M&M's.

That was a pretty safe assumption! I DID love the Mint Chocolate Premiums. There is just so much to like about these.

First, just like with the Mocha version these M&M's don't have the candy shell. I prefer the no shell option. It makes for more interesting texture, more fudge like.

There is also two layers of chocolate. The thinner outer layer is dark chocolate. The thicker center is white chocolate- and it's REAL white chocolate (yes, with cocoa butter and everything). Normally, I don't like white chocolate but it plays so well with the mint and the dark chocolate that I may have to start making better friends with it. The dark chocolate is not so much a dark but a really deep milk chocolate.
The mint is cool on the tongue. I tried to figure out which layer the mint flavor is hiding in but it's delicious (and I will just have to eat more to pin it down- that is how dedicated to this site I am people!)

Imagine little tiny Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies- only better!!
Go get some of these M&M's if you don't you are just living a shell of the life you could be leading. This get's the elusive 11!

Albertsons Supermarket


Jim's Chocolate Mission said...

AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! :) I have a pack of these waiting to be reviewed! I literally drooled over my keyboard reading your review!

I have read quite a load of reviews on these M&M Premiuims not all of them as enthusiastic as we have been with our experiences so far! I loved the triple chocolate ones! Your should defo try them!!

im saving the Mocha ones :)


Gigi said...

Oh Jim I am right there with you- I actually bought the Triple Chocolate ones tonight based on your review!

I loved the mint ones so much I did something I rarely do and that is I actually finished the whole package.

The Mocha one's are also outstanding but I did like the mint ones more!!

Jim's Chocolate Mission said...

im gonna try the raspberry ones next! They sound the least appealing to me out the bunch, but I guess I will see! The different outer coatings are so much better than normal M&Ms...not to mention they smell so much better too!