Monday, September 22, 2008

Toblerone Dark Chocolate with Honey and Nougat

My memories of Torrone (Italian nougat candy) always seemed tied to Christmas.
Neither of my parents are fans of nougat in general so it wasn't something that we kept around the house. But, once a year at Christmas time they felt the need to get in touch with our Italian roots and the traditional Italian foods and candies would appear.
I remember that I always loved the nougat regardless of the flavor- although I would eat it in such a way that I was more or less pulling it apart and nibbling around the nuts because with the exceptions of Snickers I pretty much HATE nuts in candy. I found myself in the candy aisle of Albertson's thinking about those candies. Some how I decided that the Toblerone might take me back to a simpler time... or would at least ease my sweet tooth. I went with the dark chocolate version because I had never tried it before.

Each little peak breaks off easily and melts quickly on your fingers but it has a sweet, vanilla like smell.
The chocolate, in addition to being melty has a creamy mouth feel and a rich, deep roasted taste.

There are little pebble sized pieces of nougat. I wish that the pieces had been bigger! they were somewhat soft and sticky with a slight honey flavor. The almonds were fresh and crunchy- and while this goes against everything I normally stand for I actually LIKED them in the chocolate.

Go get yourself one of these bars- and pick up an extra one for me while you are out!

Albertsons Supermarket

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Jim's Chocolate Mission said...

Hi Gi!!

Im a big Toblerone fan - im not surprised this dark version changed your mind it is a very nice bar!!

My personal fave is the fruit and nut!! Be sure to get hold of one of them!!