Friday, September 5, 2008

M&M's Premiums- Triple Chocolate

Ok Jim this one's for you!
Jim did a pretty kick ass review of the Triple Chocolate Premiums on his blog- go read it right now by clicking HERE

Just like Jim said these M&M's do actually have a really nice smell. You can actually smell the cocoa from the chocolate and just like the rest of the premium line they are beautiful. I know it is just a shiny metallic shellac but I like shiny metal looking objects.

So the taste.
Once again I love the lack of shell. I think that is my favorite part of the whole line.
The M&M's are layered with the dark chocolate being the first and thinnest layer. Next the slightly thicker white chocolate and the thickest part is the milk chocolate center which is just shy of being the size of a normal M&M. Honestly, I couldn't really tell the dark chocolate from the milk chocolate except to say that the dark portion seemed to have a deeper flavor. After many M&M's it started to remind me of raw chocolate cake batter- and we all know how much I love cake batter. The milk chocolate was creamier and has a slightly grainy texture. The white chocolate is creamy and I actually liked it- which is saying something because I don't like white chocolate as a rule (I know Jim, I know!)

These are pretty darn good. I still prefer the Mint but I love mint and it would be hard to top that for me. Mars has really done an excellent job taking M&M's to a higher level.

Albertsons Supermarket

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Jim's Chocolate Mission said...

Hi Gi,

Great review! Im so glad you liked them as much as I did after all my bigging them up!

I simply have to try these Mint ones now! I think I will do so this week infact :)

I am indeed surpirsed to see you liked the white chocolate bit...its not as if its a proper white choc hit though more of just a really creamy element to the mix!!

As I said great review - and thanks for the shout out :)