Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sipahh- Oreo Straws

I burned through my first box of Sipahh straws pretty fast
And when I saw the Oreo version I HAD to scope them up.

Just like they're plain chocolate counterpart the flavor beads are self contained in the straw. The Sipahh people have actually managed to nail the taste of Oreo's dunked in milk. It was close enough that I found myself missing the mouth feel of the cookies... mmmm that moment when the mushy cookie falls apart in your mouth.... Sorry I was lost in a Homer Simpson type droolfest.

Once again I liked the little extra kick the straws gave my milk without adding a ton of extra calories or mess.


1 comment:

terry84usa said...

I bought this straws for my toddler and also try it for myself..omg! it taste horrible! i like the original better.