Sunday, September 14, 2008

Werther's Original Caramel Dark Chocolate

I might be the only person under 80 who really loves the classic Werther's hard candies.
I've been eyeing the chocolate Werther's candies for about a year now but was never tempted to try them. I am not sure why, maybe it's because I am something of a purist and tend not to like the bastardization of my favorite- or maybe I was just being a cheap bastard- even at Walmart* the bags are often over $5.00
However, my local Blockbuster video of all places had a small 3 piece bag on clearance for under a dollar. How could I resist?

We all know the answer is that I couldn't. The candies are cute. They are thin, marbleized medallions of chocolate and caramel. They are glossy and sweet smelling. I broke off a bite and popped it into my mouth waiting for it to melt... and I waited... and waited... eventually the candy seized into a waxy glob in my mouth. It was weird. Flavor wise, well there wasn't much- and what was there was nothing to write home about. The chocolate while it was dark and supposed to have been 42% cacao reminded me of Palmer chocolates (and that should be enough said). The caramel side of things seemed to only be represented by a general sweetness but there was none of the buttery quality that Werther's are known for.

Yeah, I think I figured out why these were clearenced.

Blockbuster Video


cybele said...

I agree with absolutely everything you said about them. It's a silky feel on the tongue, but the chocolate flavor and texture just isn't there.

mini-starbuck said...

No, I TOTALLY love original Werther's hard candies. My grandpa always had some in his pocket and I would beg him for a handful every time I saw him. Good memories!