Monday, September 1, 2008

Dagoba Lemon Ginger Bar

Chocolate, lemon and ginger are three of my favorite flavors. And any combination of them together is bound to be a winner in my book...
Well... it's not that I would say this bar isn't a winner per say, it just didn't come in first place.

My first hint that something might be amiss was the fact that the bar smelled more like soap then candy.

The next disappointment was that while the bar it's self was lovely. Dark and glossy the little finger portions begging to be broken off and maybe shared with someone special (or nibbled in secret- or not so secret) the sad part is that the bar is surprisingly sparse on the crystallized ginger. Which is a huge loss because if crystallized ginger isn't one of the top ten best things on Earth then what is?! There is so little ginger in the bar that unless you get one of the very few pieces in the bar you wouldn't know it was there.

The lemon is a stronger presence then the ginger but it's like cough drop lemon. However if it were a cough drop that might mean there would have been some moisture, and this is a seriously dry bar.

The chocolate it's self is about the only redeeming thing about the bar- and I don't have a lot of good to say about that. It's a 68% dark chocolate and it's organic. The chocolate has the weird distinction of being dark but having much of a bitter edge and yet it is not sweet or creamy. There is not much in the way of mouth feel. It doesn't really melt as much as it seizes into a chocolaty lump.

This is a bar I won't be trying again.

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