Sunday, September 21, 2008

Jones Holiday Soda- Buried Pomegrante Limited Edition

It's that time of year again!
The Jones holiday soda's are back at Target!
Back again this year are Candy Corn, Spookiwi, Lemon Drop Dead as well as Monster Mojito, Blood Orange and Dread Apple. I opted to try the Buried Pomegrante.

The portion is a cute little 8 ounce can. Regardless of how I may feel about the flavor I have to give Jones Props for using only Pure Cane Sugar. In a market otherwise over run by HFCS it is nice to see someone still cares about taste.

So does this taste good enough to merit pure sugar?
Well it sure does make it very sweet.
The best way to describe the taste is to tell you to imagine carbonated grenadine syrup- and yes I know most people assume that grenadine = cherry but it is actually supposed to pomegranate.

On it's own like I said before it is super sweet- which I am sure makes it a hit with kids. The adult and the bartender in me thinks this would make a much better mixer (with or without alcohol) then it does as a straight soft drink.

To steal from the vampire on the can it doesn't suck but I wouldn't risk getting out of my coffin too early for a fix either.


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