Thursday, September 4, 2008

POWERade Zero- Mixed Berry

I gotta hand it to the fine people over at Coca-Cola they seemed to have figured out that if they label any product "Zero" I will buy it.

Pretty smart on they're part.
We also all know how much I like POWERade-type drinks. Sometimes by the time I get home from work I have been running around so much and then driving home with no A/C I feel like I have sweat out an entire other person (wow, that was an attractive image wasn't it?) and yes, again I know water is the best source of rehydration- I just prefer something that comes in bright colors and contains lots of things I can barely spell. The main issue I have with these drinks is calorie content. I prefer to save my excess calories for things like chocolate or ice cream (or chocolate ice cream!)

POWERade Zero solves that problem by having no calories and no carbs. It also has pretty much the same flavor as the regular POWERade Mixed Berry. I couldn't tell you what berries are supposed to be mixed but it does smell like berries and it does taste like berries as imagined by a chemist who has never actually tasted a berry. It's close enough for me. The only thing I did not like about the Mixed Berry is that unlike the Grape Zero you can taste the artificial sweetener that is used and it does have a slightly bitter aftertaste.

Great idea but I am going to stick to the grape.

Albertsons Supermarket

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