Sunday, September 7, 2008

Oreo Banana Split Creme Limited Edition

A few weeks back a reader was kind enough to let me know that there was a new banana split flavored Oreo...
Since then I have been on a quest to find them. I should have known that it would be good old Walmart* (wow I hate that new logo) that would come through for me.

Yesterday, I finally found them. I didn't think it was going to be possible to love Oreo's anymore then I already do- but these kicked things up a notch for me.

Immediatly upon opening the package the first thing you smell is that glorious fake banana smell. The kind of smell that makes you expect to see giant fake monkey's outside your window.

The cookie is just the classic Oreo cookie. No need to even go there. This version is all about the creme center. The amount of creme filling is on par with that of a double stuff rather then a classic Oreo. It's also much softer and fluffier then the traditonal creme. Flavor wise the easiest way to explain it is to tell you it is like a softer, smoother Circus Peanut. There is not even the faintest notion that the banana flavor is anywhere close to natural banana. It is on the super sweet side. I am not suggesting that 4 cookies sent me into a sugar high worthy of a three year old version of me- but well I did run around the house in circles and whine to go to McDonald's so...

I can see where this wouldn't have mess appeal because of the fake banana flavoring and the overly sweetness but I love them. Now if you will all excuse me I have to spend the next half hour jumping up and down for no apparent reason.


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