Sunday, January 4, 2009

Glico Cocoa Pretz

Is it me or does anyone else find the image of the cow drinking hot chocolate on the box disturbing?
How close to cow cannibalism is that? (and yes, I realize that all species pretty much drink their own milk- that just doesn't sound as good now does it?)

The strange eating habits of cows aside...
The Cocoa Pretz are just kind of weird. What they are is a cocoa colored stick that's made of a biscuit. There is appears to no cocoa powder that comes off the stick but there are grains of salt. I thought maybe it was just my weird sense of taste- but at first I swore they tasted vaguely like those "Chicken In A Basket" crackers. Looking at the ingredients I found that seasoning salt is listed. Guess maybe my sense of taste wasn't that far off.

Weird chicken flavor aside, the cocoa aspect really doesn't come into play. I mean you can see it but you can't really taste it. About the only way to sums these up would be to tell you they are like a cross between animal and chicken in a basket crackers. Yeah, I may just have to "forget" to take these home.

Kam Man Market NYC


Darrin said...

HA! Yup.. like a Pig eating bacon. LOL!

Anonymous said...

It doesn't taste like chicken in a biscuit/basket to me...but it sure isn't exactly cocoa flavored either. The picture on it doesn't bother me either but when you put it a certain way then it does bother me a bit. Hahaha. But, yeah, not great Pretz. I never tried Pretz before until just recently and so far the "salad" ones (green box) taste better...I guess Pretz in general is just weird though or it just seems that way because I'm more used to tasting pocky and other Japanese snacks. I hope to find and try more Pretz flavors in the future, it would be really nice to find a better flavor too...the "salad" sticks are nice but not great....It lacks something... - k24601