Friday, January 23, 2009

Ritter Sport- Nugat

With nougat you seem to have two distinct groups-
The soft and fluffy group- like what you find in Milky Way bars or the hard kind that is riddled with nuts like you find in Italian torrone. I liked both kinds (although I have always wanted a torrone style done without nuts)

The wrapper on this bar say edelnugat in smaller print and from as best as I can tell it is actually meant to be a hazelnut flavored nugat. This actually explains why it has a vaguely hazelnut smell to it. As for the taste it sort of reminded me of chocolate that was made with milk that had been left out to long with hazelnuts soaking in it. It doesn't taste quite as bad as that sounds- but it is not much better. It does have an unbelievably creamy mouth feel and a fast melt.

The Ritter line does have better offerings to it but I can see where hazelnut fans might love this bar.

Economy Candy NYC

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