Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hershey's Kissies- Dark Chocolate Raspberry

At first I thought these were a new Kiss but some Googling showed that this is a reissue of a flavor that started showing up in stores around Valentine's 2007
If I tried them back then I must not have done a review so here we are today.
When you open the bag you get that deep, strong fake raspberry smell- and I know this is an unnatural thing to say but I love that smell. It always make me think of those raspberry creme filled candies that you find in heart shaped boxes.

The kisses are a rather non-decrepit dark chocolate. It's not bad, in fact I prefer it to the regular Hershey's milk chocolate because it is not as sweet, but at the same time it doesn't have any real depth of flavor. There's no woodsy notes, no bitterness. It's just sort of there.

The raspberry flavor smells more raspberry-like then it tastes. I had been hoping it would be close to the Meiji Meltyblends that I loved so much, rich and more like raspberry jam. Like the chocolate it's not bad it just never lives up to what it could have been.

As far as special edition kisses go they aren't the best I have had or the worst. All around they are just sort of there.


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Red Icculus said...

It sounds so artificially delicious. I would pick them up if I could find them.