Monday, January 5, 2009

Meiji Fran- Original White

I don't know what it is but if manufactures stick a swirly, creamy looking white glob on a package I pretty much WILL buy it.
I can't tell you why. What ever it is almost never lives up to how good I think it's going to taste. But look at the swirl on that box!

Fran is Meiji's version of Pocky. I had never tried Fran until today- but I absolutely LOVE Meiji's Melty Kisses. Much like Pocky this is a biscuit stick that is covered in a thick layer of chocolate- in this case white chocolate.

The biscuit on this Fran is a vaguely chocolaty flavored biscuit. These reminded me of the 100 calorie Oreos. If nothing else I liked the stick.

The white chocolate covering is fairly thick- it reminded me of the amount that is on the Dessert Pocky rather then the normal Pocky. In the tradition of the other Meiji chocolate that I have had it is very smooth and creamy. It has an almost cold feeling on the tongue. You can really taste the milk in this white chocolate. It has a malty quality to it and it manages to avoid being too sweet or oily. Jim I think you would absolutely LOVE these. These are not going to be one of my favorites because I am just not a white chocolate lover- but it has made me want to try more Fran!

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