Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jacobs Club- Mint

We haven't done anything from across the pond in a while
Club bars reminded me of a shorter, yet thicker Twix bar (well minus the caramel)
The bar is a short thick biscuit that's enrobed in a generous layer of milk chocolate with a thin layer of mint.

The biscuit is crunchy and flaky. I liked the mint. It wasn't too strong. It was about the same mintyness as mint M&M's. The chocolate does leave something to be desired. It is too sweet and on the grainy side.

I liked these, I thought it was more like a cookie then a candy bar (and I think that's the idea)



Jim's Chocolate Mission said...

IF YOU LIKE ALOTTTTTTTTT-a chocolate on your biscuit join our CLUB :D

Sorry couldn't help myself ... that used to be the jingle :D

Gigi said...

Please folks remember to tip your bartenders and waiters- He'll be here all week!!

Now, seriously... I have one of the orange Clubs in my stash as well. Do you have a favorite Jim?

Jim's Chocolate Mission said...


Why thank you!

To be honest I haven't had one for years!! Mint was always one of my faves I must say though.

I am looking forward to your orange review. Do they still do a purple variety with Raisins in? Maybe I am making this up?

Just to prove I am not going nuts heres that jingle :D