Saturday, January 17, 2009

Milka- Kuhflecken/Happy Cows

This is another one of those reviews that I either have to credit or blame Jim for
Jim reviews Milka products on a fairly regular basis and he always make them sound so good (in fact he reviewed this bar HERE I could not resist trying them for myself any longer.

I was able to find the Kuhflecken/Happy Cows bar at my local German deli. The bar is a milk chocolate base with splotches of white chocolate. Breaking into the bar it has a very sweet, cocoa smell to it. The texture is excellent, it's thick, creamy and slow melting. I would like to think if Stephen Colbert were a chocolate he would melt this good.

The milk chocolate portion has a strong dairy edge to it. It's not the most complex milk chocolate ever but I think it's the fact that it is so basic that makes it so good.

The white chocolate... Well it's white chocolate. it's way sweet. There may be some flavor there but it is hidden in the sugar. Fortunately, there is a relatively small amount of it as compared to the milk chocolate.

I will definitely be checking out more Milka in the future!

The German Deli

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Jim's Chocolate Mission said...


Ahhh this one has the dreaded Milka White chocolate not a fave of mine!

I love the Alpine Milk choc but just can't handle the sweetness of the white choc!

I am glad you liked it though as I would like to see you review more of their stuff! Some of it is absolutely terrific! Dean-German-Grocery have just sent me some of the new varieites so I am looking forward to getting stuck into them!