Thursday, January 8, 2009

Glico Dessert Pocky- Chocolate Orange

I have been really looking forward to trying this Pocky

We all know about my love of anything orange and chocolate.
The Dessert line of Pocky features both a thicker biscuit stick and also roughly four times the normal amount of chocolate. It's also pretty phallic looking (would a good companion product to it be Chef's Chocolate Salty Balls?)

Beyond that, the smell is incredibly. It smells like deep chocolate and orange liqueur. The flavor is pretty much exactly that. The orange flavor is much stronger then the chocolate. It has a very Grand Marnier like taste. The chocolate is just sort of there- it's not bad, but it's not good. The chocolate is a milk chocolate base with a drizzle of darker chocolate. Even one of these is a satisfying snack (yeah, that's right I stopped at one- stop looking at me like that!) Yeah, you should go and get some of these... buy extra for me.

Sunrise Market NYC


Orchid64 said...

I also really liked these, though I didn't find the orange to be quite as strong as you did. However, I think I ate 3 of them at once. ;-)

Gigi said...

I am wondering if maybe my box was fresher then yours?- I say that because I have noticed with the flavored Pocky's that some of the flavors do degrade more then others.

Either way sadly my box is long gone!

Katja said...

Gigi- I am loving the Chef's salty balls reference! Andrea

Gigi said...

Katja: Thank you I will be here all week! (and I would seriously love another box of these)

Katja said...

I would send you one of the (2) that I have but they are dated the end of this month :( so they might not be what you would want.

Katja said...

Did my comment go through?

Gigi said...

I tell you what you eat one of the inner packets for me and we'll call it even! (and since you are eating them for someone else the calories don't count!)

Your comment did go through. Because I moderate my comments (see the F.A.Q.'s for why)sometimes it takes me a little longer then others to actually read and post the comments- also if I didn't post them when I could actually reply, honestly I would probably forget and then I would feel bad.

I have to ask what is the product in your avatar?